How you helped Belle Cire Co. become a reality.

Why we decided to shift in our business model and sell Covid 19 supplies… 

Belle Cire Co. is founded and based in San Diego, California.  We get to provide Covid 19 supplies so we can all stay safe.

~Maureen Ryan-Blake
Founder Belle Cire Co 

My partner has worked closely with China and Chinese manufacturing for over 20-years. As a result, we have been approached by one of his close associates to provide Covid 19 supplies to the US market. 

There are only 47 FDA CE certified mask factories certified in China. 

After Covid 19 outbreak, there have been factories in China that have produced counterfeit masks and circumvented FDA approved companies to reach the American market.  As a result, starting April 1, 202o, the US and Chinese Government have seized shipments of masks and held them indefinitely at US Customs.  Going forward, mask supplies will only be available from FDA certified factories.

Our supplier is 1 of the 47 FDA CE certified factories.

We are offering masks for the general population, daily use masks for general protection.  We are being informed these masks will become the new norm and are currently being used in China as we move from house containment, to protected social engagement. These masks will become a daily stable in our lives.  We also have sanitizer