How you helped Belle Cire Co. become a reality.

We are thrilled that everyone who has purchased from Belle Cire Co., knows they are getting beautiful candles worthy of the most discerning decorator. 

~Maureen Ryan-Blake
Belle Cire Co Designer

Before I created Belle Cire Co, I was an antique appraiser.  My favorite thing to collect was children’s books.  I loved the beautiful illustrations. But with the decline in the antique market, I needed to find a new profession.

Then one day I set up a shop on Etsy to sell surplus sewing notions.  When I tried to list an item I was ask, “who made it”?  Well, I sure didn’t.  That question hit a nerve. I wanted to say, “I made it”, but I never considered myself artistic or crafty.

After months of research and trying to optimize my SEO, I sold one item, a 3-pack of ribbons.  I knew I needed to start over with a handmade product that would sell.

I decided upon candle making and I began to work on my craft. 

But that was not enough…

I wanted to create beautiful candles, treasured for their aesthetic appeal, and collected as pieces of art.   After exhausted research, I discovered a candle master living in the South of France.  With his mentorship, I have been able to create my own beautiful candles.

So, with this…

I give you Belle Cire Co.  Our candle philosophy is to combine sculpted wax and wax art with the finest fragrances and ingredients to create beautiful candles. 

Belle Cire in French means beautiful wax.  It is part of our name. 

Beautiful Wax, Beautiful Candles.